To provide children with a culturally-rich, diverse and engaging learning journey, which supports each child to develop a life-long passion for learning, and empower them to be prepared for the wider world.

On entry to Warren, pupils lack communication skills, have had little experience and understanding of the world. Pupils enter our nursery typically working below the expected standard and find it difficult to interact socially with their peers.

Our curriculum has been designed to challenge these areas and ensure that pupils leave Warren as prepared for the modern world. We aim for all children to experience ‘limitless opportunity’ during their learning journey at Warren, in order for them to know their ‘endless potential’ in life.

Our curriculum aims:

Inclusivity and diversity

To ensure that diversity is an integral part of our curriculum and includes developing understanding of ethnicity, gender, faith, disability and values.

The local school context is becoming increasingly more diverse, with children and families from different religions and backgrounds becoming a part of the local community. Our curriculum is designed with this at the forefront, ensuring that subject content is at the heart of learning experiences across school. Our curriculum has been designed to represent our ever-changing community and includes teaching and learning about key areas of the world such as The Caribbean and Eastern Europe, as well as key figures from History and the Modern World today, including Mary Seacole and Christopher Columbus to David Attenborough and Greta Thunberg.

Ambition and aspiration

To provide ambition and aspiration for all pupils, regardless of background. Our curriculum aims to provide opportunities for every child, in order for them to reach their full potential in life, and become citizens of the future.

Our curriculum aims to inspire children to “work like a….” within each subject vocation. For example, working like a scientist, where they take part in scientific investigation and understand how this would could be a career choice for them in future life.  Links to the University of Nottingham further underpin how specific subject areas can become aspirational careers for all Warren pupils and all topics are enriched with experiences for children to understand this.

Our Community: The Wider World

Our curriculum aims for each child to understand their role in the community and the impact they can have on a global scale. The design of our curriculum ensures that children develop an understanding of the world, on a local level within Top Valley and Nottingham, on a national level within the UK and on a global scale. In addition to this, we want all pupils to experience rich cultural capital, developing them social, emotionally, moral and spiritually. We aim for our pupils to use this knowledge and understanding to build their sense of community and the mark they can have on the world. We want understanding of the wider world to equip them to be advocates for change in future years to come.

Every voice counts

We aim for every child’s voice to find their voice and be heard through the Warren curriculum. Communication is a key life skill which all pupils need regardless of ability or background, and being able to read, write and articulate themselves is an important part of our daily teaching. Oracy approaches are used to support children in developing acquisition of subject specific language and vocabulary, exploring ways to talk effectively, and supports children to think more deeply in their learning. We want children to feel empowered and use their voice for the greater good across all areas of the curriculum.

Leaders of Learning

We believe that our curriculum can support every child to grow every child into a leader – by instilling confidence, encouraging risk-taking, working collaboratively with others and giving responsibility to build resilience. Our curriculum design allows pupils to be creative in their approach to learning

Taking inspiration from role models in our curriculum also allows pupils to see how they can be the next generation of leaders. This is underpinned by our school values which we live out each day.