Welcome to Warren Academy

Message from the Headteacher

Welcome to Warren Primary Academy

We have won the Open University and Farshore Reading for Pleasure Whole School Award 2023-24!

You can read more about our award on the L.E.A.D Academy Trust website here.

You can also read our case study on the Open University Reading for Pleasure website here: Making Connections with our community through a love of reading

At Warren Primary Academy, we put children at the heart of every decision and action we take. We offer innovative learning opportunities that will inspire curiosity, develop inquiring minds and maximise learning potential for all children. You will see an ambitious curriculum, which helps children to maximise their learning potential, ensuring they are empowered to be citizens of the future.

You will see an interconnected and creative focus to our curriculum: a sequential development of knowledge and skills, where all children will progress in their learning to enable individual aspirations to be achieved. By focusing on each child’s personal learning journey, we will maximum progress and long term learning for all children. Enrichment in the curriculum at Warren guarantees children develop vocabulary and skills.

Pupils will have been taught the dispositions and behaviours that enable them and others to listen, engage and contribute when being taught. You will see a culture of ‘perseverance’ and learning from mistakes. All children are encouraged to participate through verbal and non-verbal means as this develops an inclusive environment where everyone can achieve. You will see children who are encouraged to be independent, reflective, resilient and responsible for their learning and teachers who build strategies to help the children to evaluate their own work and others work so that they can identify their successes and next steps.

You will see children who develop important skills that enable them to excel in life: problem solving and self-belief; creativity and confidence; leadership, teamwork and collaboration so they can flourish whilst at school and beyond.

You will see a team limitless in our ambition for the children at Warren. By working in unison with parents and the wider community, we ensure that children are guided to make conscious, positive choices to achieve extraordinary things. We celebrate all children’s individual achievements, both in and beyond school. You will see us promote pride in personal and collective achievement and ensure that all pupils know the feelings that success evokes.

You will see children at Warren Primary Academy leave primary school believing anything is possible: opportunities are limitless. Each individual will see that they have endless potential and that they are the leaders of future generations to come.

We welcome you to visit our school and find out more about our Warren family.

Mrs Kellie Salam

Head of School

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