Visions & Values





Our Vision is that all our children will become motivated, independent learners and citizens who develop a lifelong love of learning. Our children will have a thorough understanding of the world around them and the wider world. They will have the confidence and skills to communicate, work and share with all around them. The children at Warren will understand what it means to be part of a community and have the skills and knowledge to contribute and be part of a community in school and beyond.

In our school you will see:

  • Confident pupils who are willing to take a risk, make mistakes and solve problems.
  • An environment which is interactive and inspiring.
  • Lessons and learning which engage, challenge and inspire all pupils  
  • Pupils who demand to be challenged and provide challenge for their peers.
  • An environment which stimulates discussion and encourages pupils to question and be questioned.
  • Teaching and learning that challenges all pupils and has a clear purpose in the wider world.
  • Pupils who value and respect difference.
  • An environment which celebrates difference and promotes a love of learning for all pupils.
  • An ethos of mutual respect where everyone is valued and provided with the skills and knowledge to succeed.
  • An environment which envelopes the children in learning and inspires awe and wonder.
  • Passionate, enthusiastic learners who want to share and celebrate their learning.
  • A curriculum which engages, motivates and challenges.


The school values, which were selected by the entire school community, underpin all that we do at Warren Academy. They are the basis of our Learners’ Code and can be seen in all that pupils and staff do in school and beyond.

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