Visions & Values

Our vision and values

Our vision at Warren Primary Academy is for every child to know the feeling of success. By recognizing and understanding every child’s aspirations for the future, we prioritize their needs and remain unwavering in our ambitions for them. Within a limitless education, we are incredibly optimistic and determined to see every child maximize their life experiences and opportunities in order to discover their potential.

We aim to provide limitless opportunities through:

  • A world class, inclusive and creative curriculum, which is ambitious for all
  • Removing barriers and ensuring a sense of belonging for every individual
  • Developing the skills confidence, self-belief and resilience
  • Identifying talents and skills and providing a platform for these to evolve, regardless of ability or background

Such opportunitieswill provide endless potential through:

  • Ensuring Warren pupils are independent, determined citizens of the future
  • Enriching lives and allowing for pupils to be champions of their own learning
  • Demonstrating leadership skills within our community, on a local, national and global level.

Our Academy values underpin our school vision all that we do at Warren Primary Academy. The values were created by all stakeholders in our community in a collaborative process. We have identified four key values that run through all aspects of our school like golden threads: Creativity, Community, Commitment and Compassion.

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