Relationships and Health Education (RHE)

At Warren Primary Academy, we recognize the vital contribution that Personal, Social and Health education has on a young person’s life and the impact it has on the whole child. We want to equip pupils with the knowledge, skills and attributes they need to keep themselves safe, prepare them socially, emotionally and spiritually for life in Modern Britain, and support them to be ready to leave primary school with the skills they will need to succeed in today’s society.

Our curriculum approach and use of Jigsaw PSHE supports children in becoming emotionally literate and confident in sharing their thoughts and feelings; allows them to develop both resilience and tolerance; build positive, respectful relationships with others, and nurtures understanding for both positive and physical mental health. We also promote the use of mindfulness to support children with their emotional awareness, concentration and focus.

Relationships and Health Education (RHE) is a fundamental part of this, and an area that became a statutory part of the Primary curriculum. At primary school, this includes:

Health EducationRelationships Education
Mental Health and Wellbeing
Internet safety
Physical health and fitness
Healthy eating
Drugs, alcohol and tobacco
Basic first aid
Changing adolescent body – puberty
Families and people who care about me
Caring friendships
Respectful relationships
Online relationships
Being safe

The Jigsaw curriculum is split into 6 different topics, which are covered half termly across each class. These topics are:

  • Autumn 1 – Being Me In My World
  • Autumn 2 – Celebrating Difference
  • Spring 1 – Dreams and Goals
  • Spring 2 – Healthy Me
  • Summer 1 – Relationships
  • Summer 2 – Changing Me

RHE is taught predominantly in the Relationships and Changing Me units, however, there are threads of RHE throughout other topics across the whole year.

Relationships is taught Summer 1 and Changing Me in Summer 2. This is split into each year group in school and the content that will be taught in these lessons. Over a child’s time in school, they will learn about:

RelationshipsChanging Me
Families & friendships, including roles and responsibilities in families
Love, loss and memories
Safeguarding and keeping safe, including cyber safety and social networking
Strengths and self-esteem
Lifecycles including growing from young to old and becoming a teenager
Family stereotypes
Body image
Change & accepting change
Looking ahead – moving classes and schools
Puberty and how the body changes
How babies are made (parents have a right to remove pupils from some these lessons in Year 4, 5 and 6 as it is not statutory content) 

The whole school overview below highlights the coverage of RHE across the year, for each year group.

What will my child actually be taught about puberty and human reproduction? 

The Jigsaw unit ‘Changing Me’ is taught over a period of 6 weeks in Summer Term 2. Each year group will be taught appropriate to their age and developmental stage and may include learning about human reproduction (sex education). If a question arises and the teacher feels it would be inappropriate to answer, the child will be encouraged to ask his/her parents/carers at home. The question will not be answered to the child or class if it is outside the remit of that year group’s lesson.  Below highlights the pieces where puberty and/or human reproduction will be taught and the right to withdraw from these lessons if they are ‘human reproduction’ lessons.

Jigsaw Curriculum Progression, including RHE coverage for each half term